Wednesday, March 7, 2012



Another task in our coursework is to design a worksheet with two sentences for analysis using tree diagrams and its suggested answers. For this task, we need to give the worksheet to one of our friends and make sure that they completed the worksheets. And then, I need to correct up those answers with my own answer scheme.

In order to do that, I had already search for further information on tree diagrams and then I started to create my sentences which are two sentences. Then, I need to create my own answers best on the sentences.

I found that it is hard to prepare a worksheet because this is the first time I had to prepare it. Moreover, I need to make sure that the worksheet is able to be answered by my friend. That will prove that my worksheet has its reliability. Besides, it is not easy to analyze a sentence into a tree diagram without further understanding on the sentences. If you do not know what types of phrases does each phrases stated, you might going to have a wrong answer for the analysis.

However, through this task, I feel more confident in developing my own creativity and of course in my understanding towards sentence structures. It is not that easy to create your own worksheets, but with determination and further analysis, I am sure all of us can do it. Thank you.

The following are the example of my worksheet:

My coverpage

My Example
My empty question